Other Attractions

Other Attractions

Attractions in and around Askam

Dock Museum:
The popular museum focuses on Barrow’s shipbuilding industry, the Victorian iron and steel works, and the history of the Furness area.

Furness Abbey:
The abbey, founded in 1137, was once the second richest and most powerful Cistercian monastery in the country.

South Lakes Wild Animal Park:
See tigers and other big cats, giraffes, rhinos, penguins, rare red pandas and hundreds more animals at one of the prize attractions of the Furness area.

Piel Island:
Piel Island is situated at the southern tip of the Furness peninsula and is accessible by passenger ferry from Roa Island. The island has a castle, built by the monks of Furness Abbey, and a king — the landlord of the island’s pub is traditionally crowned as King of Piel.