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Lady Captain’s Day 2024

The 2024 Lady Captain’s Day dawned windy but dry, and the wind would prove to be a very testing factor for the Competitors in the Lady Captains Cup.
The Lady Captain was on hand to greet the Ladies with warm drinks and delicious cakes and cookies, which were very well received, and the fifteen competitors were well fortified for the conflict ahead.

The Traditional Photoshoot took place on the 1st Red Tee, which was probably quite the windiest place on the coarse.

The Igloo at halfway-house was a welcome site for the Ladies when they reached the tenth. Mary had set up hot coffee and a choice of two cocktails, all guaranteed to warm the players together with Pulled Pork BBQ sliders, Chorizo Pasties and cheese and biscuits, an exceptional treat to restore them for the second half.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch, Mary’s sister-in-law was Chef for the day, and the Ladies had a choice of Butter chicken with potatoes and veg or Gumbo with rice and and beans. Followed by Peach Cobbler or Pecan Chocolate Tart.

The meal was followed by the Presentation of the Prizes.
Nearest the Pin 2nd shot on the 10th was Angie Hill, and as no one qualified for NTP on the 4th, that prize went to Lynne Diggle who was a mere 6 inches further away than Angie on the 10th. The Guesstimate Prize for Number of Balls left out on the Course went to Chris Pearce,
The Captain’s cup was won by Angie Hill with 33points. 2nd prize went to Karen Currie 32 points, and in third place Gill Newsome with 30 points.

Mary thanked everyone for making her Captain’s Day such a great success and the formalities over, the fun and games began.

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