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Dunnerholme Hosts the GolfSixes League

Junior Teams from Barrow, Ulverston and Dunnerholme GolfSixes League came to Dunnerholme to compete in ‘The Sixes’ Competition on Monday Evening.
It was a lovely dry evening, the course was in fine fettle, and the Juniors were enthusiastic and excited in anticipation of the matches. They showed fantastic sportsmanship, encouraging each other meeting different young golfers, forming new friendship and exhibiting totally what a wonderful sport golf is for young girls and boys – a sport to last them a lifetime.

Barrow Navy 124, Ulverston 119, Barrow Blue 99, Dunnerholme 96. Best DGC Team Score Medal – Sam Stokes & Finley Longmire 40points

It was lovely to see all the members and parents supporting the Juniors at the Presentation afterwards.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the normal Junior Coaching took place and it was great to have three new children joining as Junior members. Onwards and Upwards!

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