MembersThe New Dunnerholme Website

The New Dunnerholme Website

We are delighted to launch the brand new Dunnerholme website –

The site is designed to be an attractive and informative brochure for the club – as well as provide all the details that visitors and members need. The main menu will stay at the top of the page as you scroll down on a desktop or laptop to help in navigation – while on mobile a handy menu icon sits at the top right to browse to any page.

Course Status

We’ve added a regularly updated “course status” post that appears on the heading of most pages – as well as on the top of the sidebar on the news pages.

There will be the key status information and a date – clicking on the information will take you to the fuller post that will have more information.

Keep an eye out to see if the course is closed or other restrictions are in place. (you can even subscribe by email to this special post to be notified when the status changes!)

You can subscribe for updates for any category of news post. We recommend choosing the STATUS category to receive information about the course whenever conditions change.

Before and After…

We’ve redesigned the site from the ground up to work on all devices from large desktop and laptops to tablets and smartphones – and you can find all the same information from the old site… and much, much more! All previous Dunnerholme website addresses should now find their way here.

On the go…

For the first time you can now view the Dunnerholme website on your phone without zooming in and out. All the content is scaled and laid out to work on all your mobile devices.

The main pages…

The main sections are for News, the Course (with the course card and a new course guide) and the Club (with pages for members, calendars, galleries and more). Other main pages are for Visitors, Booking and contacting us.

The Course…

We’ve greatly expanded the details of the course with more details and an attractive course guide that shows each hole in detail.

The Club…

There are more pages for all aspects of the club – from the member sections to calendars, galleries and the important policies and other information. You’ll find everything under “The Club and more” menu drop-down.

The News…

Last but not least is the part of the site that will change the most often – the Dunnerholme news pages!

All the information for events, days-out and competitions will appear here with galleries of events, lists of prize-winners and all the fun – so check back regularly!

That’s a quick tour of the new site – but there is much more to see, so why not have a browse – and even leave some comments on the news posts!

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