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Welcome Lady Captain 2023

Twenty one ladies had entered and were looking forward to playing the opening event of the season, but due to high tides and saturated ground, only one golf shot was made.

Tradition dictates that the new Lady Captain, drives from the first tee to open the season. Gill duly drove her ball straight down the middle. Gill’s theme for her year is Asia and the ladies traditionally wear themed outfits for the Drive In. Thailand proved a popular choice, but India, China, Japan and Vietnam were also represented, with Geisha’s, Ninja’s, and Indian Sari’s, in contrast there was a very sophisticated rice picker straight from the paddy fields, and a giant bowl of noodles! The room had been canopied with colourful swags and garlands of flowers, the result of hours of ‘crafting’ by the ladies section.

Lady Captain’s arrival in the clubhouse was toasted with cocktails, accompanied with Asian canapés and snacks, after which the ladies ventured out to the course to place their marker flags on the first fairway where they hoped Lady Captain’s drive would come to rest. Despite being hampered by her outfit and a headwind, Gill drove her ball straight down the middle, coming to rest closest to Emma Howarth’s marker. Gill was a little concerned that no one had put their flag on the green but with the complexity of her costume and a strong headwind against, even Bryson Dechambeau might have been tested.

Back to the clubhouse to warm up, where Christine Pearce lead a relaxing Tai Chi session, followed by some riotous games and activities organised by Lady Vice Captain Mary Doherty which certainly brought out the competitive streaks!

A lovely Thai themed meal followed, delicious tastes of the Orient with tom yum soup, and a variety of curries – Thai chicken, Massaman, followed by sweet Asian delicacies.

After the meal Gill thanked everyone for all the effort and hard work that had gone towards making the day such a huge success with special thanks to Lady Vice Mary and her band of helpers, for planning and organising the day.

Gill then presented the prizes. Closest Marker to Lady C’s Drive was won by Emma Howarth and Best Costume to Lynda Preston – the Giant bowl of noodles.

Special thanks were also given to Ken and Sean for all their help behind the scenes, in the bar and kitchen and to Lynne for the great photographs recording the colourful and successful start to the Golfing Year.

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